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Why Amatha?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Part of my "dim sum" life...

I meditate as often as my busy schedule allows. But years ago, I learned how to partake in shamanic journeys which means that the soul travels to other dimensions and planes to seek spiritual advancement, advice, truth, and development of the self. On these journeys, I have met various guides, saints, ascended masters, supportive ancestors, etc.

I am always seeking the protection of Spirit, angels, saints, and all supportive energies of the light before I travel. This day I arrive at a lovely island surrounded by orange and pink skies. Walking across the landscape, I see a beautiful, massive silverback gorilla sitting under the only tree in sight. Approaching him, he does not turn to me or deviate from what he is doing. I reach him; he still is not looking at me; he says, "Hello, Amatha."

I reply, "My name is not Amatha; it is Amy." He states, " Amatha is your soul name, not your birth name." He proceeded to congratulate me on the work I was doing as a reiki healer, but he expounds on it by telling me to share my light with the world. Especially animals that have been held captive by humanity, stolen from their families, and abused. He was not the first or the last species to ask this of me. I tell him I will gladly do it. He says, "I am here to help you when you need strength to lead coupled with compassion, gentleness, and kindness. You have much work to do."

Silverback gorillas are the largest living primates. Male gorillas become "silverbacks" at the age of 13 due to the fur on their back that is silver in color. Their lifespan is 35 to 40 years, and they live in family groups that can contain as many as 40 members. Gorillas share 95% the same DNA as humans! Silverbacks are the protectors of the family group and will defend them without hesitation. His other duties include establishing a routine for the group, feeding times, and sleeping schedules. Though not aggressive at most times, he will become so if threatened by a male from another family or one in his group.

photo property of Todd Winter used with permission

Over the years, my approach would be aggressive initially, especially when my family is involved. I despise injustice and people acting selfishly. It took time for me to lessen that knee jerk reaction. Our family's exposure to autism was the catalyst, and my softer nature appeared more often than the other. But, the dilemma was that I turned off that protection tendency considerably. So much so, people would perceive my compassion, understanding, and tenderness as a sign of weakness and willingness to tolerate their crap. Silverback assisted me in finding a middle ground and provided an example of balance for me. Understand that spirit guides do not interfere with free will. One must choose to take the message and use it for the betterment of themselves and those around them. Silverback displayed a robust and passive presence most of the time we meet. Within the last month, he has become playful, fun-seeking, which is what I need at present. Leading me to places where other guides help me address what is presenting at that time. One's spiritual journey is always in flux and is life long. Do not think for one moment there is a magic bullet. Changing, growing, and evolving comes from one choosing it to be so. Sometimes we need guidance, and I am always amazed who comes forward to assist.

With love and light, Amatha