detach affirmation

As an intuitive healer, spiritual worker, empath and intuit I frequently come across people with very strong energy. Most of the time it is anger, fear, vulnerability, and insecurity. So when this happens I follow this guide.


Whenever you feel someone has attached their energy to you, drained you mentally, emotionally, physically, become too dependent on you, taking up too much space in your mind, etc., use this affirmation.

Use it every time you think of the person, place or situation that is draining you.

Say the person's name, place or situation, and state

"My energy is no longer open to you. I disconnect from the cords you have established in the past and present or in the future. I no longer feel any obligation or consideration for your mental or emotional well-being.

   use for:

  • family, friends, co-workers, etc.

  • organizations, companies, etc.

  • situations past or present

  • experiences at a specific location

 Say the affirmation over and over until you feel your energy shift to a calmer more peaceful place. The shift may happen immediately, or it may take several hours or days to complete.  If you feel there has been a reattachment of energy say the affirmation again. It can never be used too little or too much.